Luxurious pool design from Katrina Antonovich

Own paradise. A real oasis for a wonderful holiday. It is this that embodies the design of the luxury pool project. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich created the image of the eastern fairy tale. The bowl of the pool with smooth rounded outlines is filled with a mosaic panel with exquisite ornaments. The interior of the pool was very picturesque, thanks to the abundance of oriental ornaments. They decorated the pool basin, the carved marble floor, the upholstery of the sun loungers and the refined lambrequins. Luxuriously added to the interior is a beautiful ceiling with stucco decor and two beautiful chandeliers in oriental style. Large windows of the pool are framed by stylish half-columns with gilded capitals and additional illumination. Pleasant moments of rest with a health effect will pass for the owners of the house and their guests, surrounded by a luxurious setting of a beautiful pool.


Luxurious pool design, Katrina Antonovich

Работа дизайнера:
Антонович Катерина

Дизайн интерьера Luxurious pool design from Katrina Antonovich Катерины Антонович

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