Modern house Design of Katrina Antonovich

Design house design in modern style with light touches of festive Art Deco interior of Interior designer Katrina Antonovich. Luxury villa has found its own individual charming features. The stylish interior is subdued shades. The white ceiling illuminated the perimeter soft lighting and are decorated with original chandeliers. Interior living room combined with dining area and kitchen. In each zone focusing light mood copyrights are rectangular crystal chandeliers. Upholstered furniture emphasizes that there reigns not only comfort and convenience, but also a luxury. Some of the walls are decorated with stucco with a matte texture, and part of the wall panels made of natural onyx. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich perfectly embodied in the project request of the customer to obtain special and unique architectural interior.


Modern house Design, Katrina Antonovich

Работа дизайнера:
Антонович Катерина

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