Futurism in interiors of Katrina Antonovich

An entirely new look at luxury and comfort was reflected by interior designer Katrina Antonovich in this project of a modern villa. Impressive decisions on the design of the hall. Futuristic motifs, of which glass, stainless steel and marble are made. Each square meter of interior has become a very bright and expressive picture with a multifaceted decor. In the interior there is a refined geometry of shapes and lines. The laconic drawing on the floor contrasts admirably with the abstract composition in the center of the hall. Stylish sculpture looks original against the background of glass waterfalls and green plants. The designer masterfully uses modern lighting in his collection to place accents. It is an infinity of beauty and a real delight, comparable to the contemplation of contemporary art.


Futurism in interiors, Katrina Antonovich

Работа дизайнера:
Антонович Катерина

Дизайн интерьера Futurism in interiors of Katrina Antonovich Катерины Антонович

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