Modern Living room interior of Katrina Antonovich

Modern style of Katrina Antonovich - it is always the most fancy and beautiful original solutions. It is a modern style in the interior allows a talented designer to realize the most courageous decisions in interior design. The owners decided to book a country cottage interior design in Dubai and ready for bold experiments. For customers, the main thing was to get a unique interior, which would become a homey and at the same time elegant and unique. In general, the interior, despite the severity of lines and shapes in muted shades of the cold, the heat radiating nature. daylight effect is created with the help of modern ceiling design, which is cut into direct niches band with light and modern lamps, and the center complemented the author's original chandelier. Paul squares of marble tiles in gray and white colors in perfect harmony with the brevity of all high-end interior.


Работа дизайнера:
Антонович Катерина

Дизайн интерьера Modern Living room interior of Katrina Antonovich Катерины Антонович

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